We created this mural for the the Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migrant Initiative. The 5 ft by 7 ft mural located in the Institute of Governmental Studies Library in Philosophy Hall uses a collage style. We were given film and digital photos to work and wished to achieve a blending of community with this project. The mural endeavors to showcase the rich history and traditions of 4 diasporic communities (Afghan, Ethiopian, Sikh, and Yemeni) in California and spotlight their culture with themes of representation and finding belonging. The collage-style layered composition speaks of these 4 communities coming together, aims to tell a story, and better reflect the diversity of the students, staff, and faculty. The mural aims to empower these underrepresented diasporic communities by giving them visibility, creating cultural fluency, and providing an equitable space to showcase these communities’ cultures. The large mural effectively adds much vibrancy and representation to the space, helping the IGS Library to be a welcoming place for all UC Berkeley students.